The following are viewpoints of various herbalists and other people who are close to the herbal medicine scene. Some of the following is fact and some is opinion, but in all cases the content of the following essays are derived from the author's personal experience, thorough research, or both.

Wildcrafting: This is an article written by herbalist/curendero Chuck Garcia on the trials and tribulations of wildcraftring (ethical wild harvesting). For those on the user end of herbs it is useful to know what great lengths and at what personal cost practitioners who make their own medicine go to in order to provide top quality medicine.

Nutrition: The following article is a basic guide to good nutrition.

Epilepsy: This article, written by the mother of two daughters who have/had epilepsy tells the story of how she was dealt with in the medical world and how she found help in natural medicine.
HPV (Genital Warts): This is a dissertation on the herbal treatment of genital warts and the HPV virus.

TCM Article: The following is an introduction to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This article was written by Victoria Dragon, a woman with a passion for the subject.

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